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Clime x People who kaer 🥳

  Clime x People who kaer 🥳
💚 We are thrilled to partner with people who kaer and support a young team of impact-driven founders in building truly sustainable cultures and reducing their overall CO2 footprint!

About people who kaer 🤩
🐕 People who kaer focuses on natural supplementary food and snacks for every dog! Their products contain only high-quality ingredients that are subject to strict quality controls and are well-tolerated by our furry friends.

Sustainability measures 😇
🌱 Following measures are particularly important to the team: supplementary food consisting exclusively of high-quality raw materials. In detail people who kaer promises:
Plastic-free and 100% compostable packaging.
Locally in Germany produced goods (for short transportation).
No animal testing for all their products.
.....or in short: being „Bullshit Free“ 💩.

What you will love about people who kaer 😍
❤️ In addition to producing all their products in Germany with the highest quality goods, with every product sold a donation is made to the animal welfare organization "MAP", which rescues dogs in Romania and places them in loving homes in Germany.

Learn more 🤓
👇 We love to see impact-driven businesses on the rise and are more than happy to support people who kaer on their journey. If you do too, go check them out here:
💌 [email protected]  

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