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dOcutOpiA hAckAthOn inVitAtiOn 11.3.-13.3.22


Work on Docutopia 2.o has started and the first prototype can be reached at https://new.docutopia.de. * There are three types of entries: - Places - Events (temporary places) - People (with profiles) * Profiles have - avatar - offers - needs - free text * Registration / Login ...to create a profile and share your location. Sharing of places and events does not require registration/login.

hAckAthOn Event:



Location: Mènde QUELLHOFSTR.41 34127 Kassel

Online Streaming will start Friday at 20:30 in our Telegram Channel: https://t.me/DOcUTOPIA2022

For further information please send a mail to: [email protected]

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