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"How to Internationalise your Social Enterprise" Online Sessions on 28-30 November 2022

On behalf of the Enabling Social Entrepreneurs to Scale their Impact Internationally (ESESII) Consortium, I am pleased to invite you to join the training on How to Internationalise your Social Enterprise that will be hosted online on 28-30 November 2022.

During the three half-day events you will have the opportunity to discuss your internationalisation journey as a social enterprise together with experts in the field coming from different organisations all over Europe. Our trainers from Synthesis (Cyprus), SIA (Austria), WU Vienna (Austria), MateraHub (Italy), Leipzig University (Germany) and Euclid Network (The Netherlands) will share best practices to solve common problems, help you develop your internationalisation strategy, grow your international team and boost your social networking skills.

The training will focus on the following overarching themes:

  1. Embarking on your international journey as a SE 

  2. Master your internationalisation journey

  3. Navigating intercultural challenges 

Please access the detailed programme and register for free at the link.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me

Kind regards from Berlin


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