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FollowTheVote is here!

We have been working passionately on our project for almost a year now. Finally, the FollowTheVote App is online and available in the AppStore, Google Play Store and as a WebApp!

Ahead of such crucial election as the Bundestagswahl2021 in September, the FollowTheVote App is the best chance for young citizens to get up to speed and to make an informed decision about who will represent them in the next four years. 📲

We believe that we can make FollowTheVote the number 1 voting advice application for young people in Germany. However, we are aiming higher: We see FollowTheVote as an incubator for societal change through transparent and high-quality information way beyond Sept ‘21. 📣

We were already able to convince the BMWi and Wikimedia Foundation to support us. Do you feel like this cause is worthy of your support as well? In this case, donate, share and join the community - We would be more than happy to welcome you on board! ⛵

Become a sponsor or member[email protected]

Just FollowTheVote!

Deine App für die Bundestagswahl 2021! - FollowTheVote

FollowtheVote ist deine App für Politik. Deine Stimme zählt - Bereite dich auf die Bundestagswahl 2021 vor und finde dein Match für die Wahl

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