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IDG Gathering w/Dan Siegel: The Wheel of Awareness

Auf Englisch, da die Veranstaltug auch auf Englisch ist:

How does the mind really work?

We are often led to think about the mind as a computer - with RAM, hard drive, etc. However, diving into the neuroscience, this is not necessarily accurate nor a useful model, and very much rooted in a mechanical understanding of life's systems.

There's another way to think about it, which particularly incorporates how our mind experiences consciousness - and this model is called "The Wheel of Awareness" - see the diagram in the picture.

It has been developed by Dr. Dan Siegel, one of the world's most eminent neuropsychiatrists and has helped thousands of people around the world enhance their focus, presence and peace - for a more resilient, vital life.

Next week on Thursday (Sept 14), we will be hosting an IDG Gathering with Dan Siegel himself, who will give a practical introduction.

Register here: https://idg.confetti.events/2023-september-14-idgs-gathering

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Inner Development Goals Gathering, Sep 14, 2023

IDGs Gathering with Dr Dani...

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