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Free Workshop (28.7.) : Leadership is not a title

Leadership is not a title: building trust & influence authentically

Zeit: Wednesday, 28 July 2021 from 10:00 to 11:30
Sprache: English
Workshopleiterin: Emily Johnston from Unity Effect 

Many of us don’t feel comfortable thinking of ourselves as a leader. Maybe you’re not in a position of authority. Maybe you are in an official leadership position but you find it challenging to fully step into that role. Or maybe you just don’t identify with the image of the traditional leader.

What if there was a way to lead that was authentic to you, your values, your strengths, your purpose? Where you could create more impact and support and empower others around you? 

Join us on Zoom to explore the topic of authentic leadership. Over 90 minutes we will:

  • Explore the idea that ‘who you are is how you lead’ and share two frameworks to understand your sphere of influence and to build trust, a core capacity for empowering yourself and others

  • Reflect on your own leadership style

  • Connect with others from around the world who are exploring similar questions and share experiences, tips and learnings  

This workshop is for anyone who is curious to grow as a leader, even if you don’t like to label yourself as one.

You can sign up here for free:

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