I  see myself as a passionate and high motivated person with a synthetic mindset: an analytical science background combined with more than six-year-long experience in self-branding and emotional marketing.

During my studies in Nutrition and Biomedicine, I learned about the impact of food production on our planet and, in turn, the resulting climate change on our health. This reinforced my mission to encourage other people to be more conscious of our resources and at the same time to help them achieve better health and quality of life.

That's why I founded my company MjLK. MjLK is the first base for almond milk: plastic-free, 80% less CO2 emissions, and no food waste. Instead, you get a longer shelf life, more nutrients, and barista foam.
With MjLK I want to enable sustainable consumption through innovative products that are fun and have a positive impact on the environment and the body at the same time.

Due to my great enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, I am always seeking to surround myself with other like-minded people.

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