Anand Raj

Anand Raj

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D√ľsseldorf, Germany
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Hi all impact-driven entrepreneurs and individuals, ūüėÄ
(first of all apologies for writing in English, since my written German has 'its complicated' status.)

ūüďĖI am Anand (originally from India and settled in D√ľsseldorf, Germany¬†for many years now) and I am excited to be on this platform where there are so many super interesting profiles all working towards making our society and world an amazing place. I am a lifelong learner who believes that education stops once you are 6-feet under.¬†¬†

ūüöÄI have been working and learning in corporations for far too long until I realized that I need to start working on an impactful idea myself and try and make a difference. This dream led me to quit my career as a project manager and work on an EdTech startup idea called Joyon (

ūüíĽ With Joyon we are trying to enhance LIVE, interactive, and group-based learning for adults by providing all the digital tools that a trainer or training enterprise would essentially need in one place and not have to worry about setting up a heavy IT infrastructure and thereby saving time and money.¬†

¬†ūüí™Hate to talk about myself, but if someone asks what my strengths would be, that would be my persistence and ability to manage any project. I have been on this entrepreneurial journey as a first-time founder for over a year now, and have learned a lot through mistakes and just doing things: ideating, validating, pivoting, iterating, forming a team, setting up a company in Germany, taxation, etc (the list is long).......... My other strength is my willingness to collaborate and network, so I would be more than happy to share my learnings with any of you and learn from you in the process:)¬†¬†

ūü§Ě I hope to build a valuable network on this platform and look forward to sharing the knowledge I have been able to gather in the areas of project management, digitalization, and entrepreneurship in any way I can.

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Wir bauen eine Plattform auf, die einzelnen Trainern und kleinen Schulungsunternehmen alle Tools mit einem Konto bietet, die f√ľr interaktive Live-Online-Kurse erforderlich sind


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