Passionate about purpose and people, about meeting and connecting those who want to make a positive impact towards a society that is truely sustainable for now and for future generations to come.

Was möchtest du gerne zum Positiven verändern?

I would like to support and empower those, who truely work towards making our world a place, which our grandchilds can also cherish.

I try to help by connecting highly talented purpose driven people with organizations working towards positive societal and/or ecological impact, whilst empowering these people with a state of the art learning & development programm. All this is part of the On Purpose Associate programme: www.onpurpose.org

Welche Erfahrungen konntest du sammeln?

After roughly 12 years in the commercial sector (tourism) I found my own purpose in personell development and supporting social enterprises by first joining On Purpose as an associate (participart) myself and consequently changing sides to now co-manage the Berlin branch of the organisation. Working each day with such a bunch of highly motivated, inspiring and talented people is a priviledge, I cannot value enough.

Let´s work together towards an




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