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Full-Time TechForGood dude. Part-Time Earth science student. Passionate about natural hazards, Earth observation & tech ethics. Founded DisasterTech –  a global community of people who develop tools that help humans in crisis situations.

📚 Long version

1. I am a technology guy.

Honest, sustainable and independent technology is essential to me. I believe that technology should be the property and control of the people who use it, and we who develop technology should do so ethically and responsibly.

I also speak and write regularly about the importance of sustainability, accessibility and responsibility in the technology and design industry.

Topics in tech I care about:

  • help social and environmental good organisations to make the most of technology and increase their impact
  • Civic and open science technology
  • UX, usability and accessibility
  • privacy and tech ethics
  • Low-cost technology

2. I am a science guy.

Since 2018 I have been studying Earth and Environmental Sciences part-time at the British Open University.
I am mainly interested in the following scientific fields:

  • Earth system and climate science
  • Natural disasters
  • GIS & remote sensing
  • Oceanography
  • Open Science
  • Climate-related urban planning

Most of what I do will happen between both personalities!

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