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Herzlich Willkommen in der Community für Impact-Dienstleister:innen! Das ist un...

E.W.O.K. Community
Das virtuelle Studio der Erfolgreich — W...

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Deepdenkern Designfactory
Natur & Umwelt, Vereine & Organisationen, Werbung & Marketing
Als Designexperte, transformiert Deepdenkern Start-ups und Social Business, durch...
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Hassler: Designing for Equality and Inclusion
Beratung, Technologie & IT
Hi ich bin Christoph, ich bin Berater und Coach im Bereich Diversity, Equity und ...
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K Designstudio
Beratung, Gesundheit, Medien, Werbung & Marketing
Ganzheitliche Business Design für Gesundhe...
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designdialog GmbH und Co. KG
Beratung, Bildung & Forschung, Medien, Technologie & IT
Wir sind Spezialisten, wenn es um Innovations- und Lernprozesse geht.Daher gestal...
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Akademie für Design und Nachhaltigkeit
Beratung, Werbung & Marketing
… unter­stützt Orga­ni­sa­ti­onen und Einzel­personen bei der praxis­orientiert...
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typoint ist ein Atelier für Gestaltung und Typografie. Im Fokus stehen zeitlose, ...
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🌟 Calling All Impact Innovators! Join PHINEO Startups and Drive Positive Change 🌍

🌟 Calling All Impact Innovators! Join PHINEO Startups and Drive Positive Change 🌍

Are you a forward-thinking entrepreneur ready to take on the world's crises? PHINEO Startups is again calling for applications for their incubator and accelerator program, focusing on startups dedicated to addressing the pressing issues of the Climate Crisis, Democracy Crisis, and Displaced People. Seize this opportunity to be a part of a transformative journey that creates lasting impact on a global scale!

🗓️ Important Dates:

Application Deadline: 10th March 2024

Program Start: 6th May 2024

Duration: 6 Months

Format: Hybrid (Combining In-Person and Virtual)

🚀 Why Choose PHINEO?

✅ Tailored Support: PHINEO offers personalized mentorship, expert guidance, and comprehensive resources designed to supercharge your startup's success

✅ Impact Strategy: As pioneers of impact investing, measurement and management in Germany, we provide you with expert support in developing your impact strategy.

✅ Impactful Network: Connect with a diverse community of passionate entrepreneurs, investors, and experts who share your commitment to driving positive change

✅ Funding Opportunities: Gain access to potential funding sources and investors who are eager to support innovative ventures that make a difference

📢 Ready to Make a Difference? Embrace the opportunity to shape a better future with PHINEO Startups. Discover more about the application process and submit your groundbreaking solution by the 10th March deadline: Apply for Program - Phineo Startups (

Apply for Program - Phineo Startups

Queermed Deutschland gUG
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Queermed kann jede Unterstützung gebrauchen!

 Queermed hat dieses Jahr viel vor! Was genau? Transparent können alle Bedarfe über kommuniziert werden: 

  • Für den Leitfaden (Design-Person, Print, Versand) 
  • 2. re:Respekt Event (Honorare für Panelst*innen, Eventort, Verpflegung, Standmaterial, Werbung usw.) 
  • Geburtstagsveranstaltung im Mai (Eventort, Verpflegung, Standmaterial, Werbung usw.) 
  • Verwaltungskosten für 2024 (Bankgebühren, Webhosting, Lizenzen, Verbandsmitgliedschaften, Portokosten & Versandmaterial usw.)
Aktuell fehlen noch etwa 15.000 Euro. Nicht mit einkalkuliert ist die ganze ehrenamtliche Arbeit drum herum. Jeder Euro hilft enorm! Schon 5 Euro pro Person wären eine immense Hilfe bei 10, 20, 30 Menschen! Die Spendenquittung erhaltet ihr direkt und Firmenspenden sind über betterplace auch möglich!

Spenden für Projekte & Organisationen –

Spende Geld oder Zeit für ein soziales Projekt deiner Wahl auf Deutschlands größter Spendenplattform. ist gemeinnützig und nicht profito...

Ivetvavn Ebofba
teilt etwas mit · vor etwa 2 Monaten


“All grown-ups were once children... but only a few of them remember it” (The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry). As part of our society, we have become accustomed to going along with things, becoming what our boss wants, our partner wants, and our friend wants. But is it also what we want, who we truly are? Being permanently disconnected from ourselves makes it impossible for us to connect with others authentically and deeply. We might pretend that we listen to the other person, that we understand them, and that we care about what happens to them. Deep down, however, we often do not.

In this Community Call, we will explore some tools to reconnect with your true self through play. We will be using the joy of discovering things for the first time as you did as a child: the first time you saw a star, the first time you tasted a lemon, the first time you touched the snow. Together, we will explore those first times and try to stay in them as long as possible. From there, we will explore how to (re)connect more authentically and deeply with others. Providing a welcoming space similar to a kindergarten for grown-ups, we invite you to join, be vulnerable, and explore the potential of playful authenticity, and how to connect these insights to our current areas of work.

What do bring: Participants are kindly invited to bring an object, a memory, a song, a picture, or whatever they like that puts them in a good mood.

The call will be hosted by Matthias Ryffel, responsible for Design and Facilitaion at collaboratio helvetica, together with Catalyst and founder of Cultural Inquiry, Jose Antonio Gordillo Martorell. Jose refers to himself as an everlasting child, and his work is a constant invitation to feel the joy of playfulness, curiosity, and discovery. He thinks, creates, works, feels, and lives by playing and getting others to play. He loves to "get off his feet" to dive into the depths and explore. He loves Aikido and salsa dancing. What he does best is prepare delicious Spanish potato omelettes to eat with his friends on a Saturday afternoon. He loves and celebrates life every single day.

Who can join the call?
Everyone interested in learning more about the topic and getting to know collaboratio helvetica is warmly welcome to join the call, so don’t hesitate to invite your friends and whomever you feel would benefit from this call.

When: 05 February 2024, 19:00–20.30 CEST

Fee: Free of charge

Language: English

Where: The call will take place online on Zoom. Please register in advance to receive the link, as it will be sent to you by e-mail one day before the call.

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